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Our Quality Policy

We focus on research & development, rely on quality control, and strive for the best satisfaction of our customers. We endeavor to provide high-grade products and high quality services for our customers and work with sincerity to satisfy our customers’ needs.

All-round technical training  

We will provide our distributors with free and all-round technical training include equipment operation, daily maintenance, common problem settling and so on. The training will be last more than one week. Of course we will keep close contact with our distributors and offer further support by e-mail, MSN, Skype or fax.

Quick spare parts supplying

In order to keep good running of our overseas equipment, firstly, we will assist our distributors to establish complete spare parts storehouse. Secondly, we will prepare the spare parts and arranging the shipment as soon as receiving the spare parts order from our distributors. Thirdly, we provide lifetime maintenance services for our products.

Our warranty services:

Succeeder warrants provide a free warranty period of 12 months from shipping date in Succeeder. After the expiration of warranty period, the repairing expenses, including the cost of parts and man-hour fees, will be charged according to the regulations. To reject or replace the product, make sure that both the product and its accessories are in good condition.
In case the following circumstances, we will not provide warranty services.
   A. The instrument is damaged because of disasters or other force majeure or man-made factors.
   B. It is consumable material that needs service.
   C. The instrument is damaged or malfunctioned because of the customers’ failure to follow the operating rules and precautions.
   D. The defect is due to the inappropriate operations, e.g. playing computer games, or being infected by virus, which damages the software or hardware.
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mens replica louis vuitton shoes
louis vuitton shops las vegas