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1. How long is the warranty period?
We provide one year warranty period and lifetime maintenance services for our equipments,
2. How many product lines do you have?
Our product lines include coagulation analyzers and reagents, ESR analyzers, platelet aggregation analyzers, and all the products have got CE and ISO approved.
3. Is there any technology training?
We will provide our distributors with free and all-round technical training include equipment operation, daily maintenance, common problem settling and so on. The training will be last more than one week.
4. How do you provide the maintenance services? 
Besides the technology training at the beginning of the cooperation, we will keep close contact with our distributors and offer further support by e-mail, MSN, Skype or fax.
5. How do you ensure the spare parts supplying?
In order to keep good running of our overseas equipment, firstly, we will assist our distributors to establish complete spare parts storehouse. Secondly, we will prepare the spare parts and arranging the shipment as soon as receiving the spare parts order from our distributors. Thirdly, we provide lifetime maintenance services for our products.
6. How many packing sizes for the reagents?
There are various packing sizes for our reagents and both liquid and lyophilized supported.

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mens replica louis vuitton shoes
louis vuitton shops las vegas